Dare to be natural!

Walska uses only natural materials to create unique jewellery products.



The Idea

To fully admire Walska jewelry you have to look beyond what your eyes se‎e at first glance. ‎Close your eyes and allow your senses and innate intuition to follow the shapes, texture and energy of each piece. You will ‎quickly find that what you hold is much more than cold and prefabricated ornament.

The driving idea behind Walska is to channel and link feminine soul with the energy of nature and purity of emotions. Each ring, with its absolutely unique feel, irreplicable form and shape and uncanny combination of wood and minerals conveys a separate idea and sentiment - reflecting and bringing to the fore the qualities and virtues of the bearer.

No Walska piece is identical, no piece fits into the same mould. It does not aim at following a pattern, but to reflect the ephemeral spirit of the sculptor and mindset of the owner. It does not strive to replicate an imagined concept of perfection, but invites to search and find the beauty innate to all that is natural - items and individuals alike. ‎It is not identical it is one of a kind. It breaks away from the fallacy of following and emphasizes elegance.

Walska is more than jewelry, it is tangible poetry, portraying emotions and reflections‎ of the artist, made to highlight your nature.


How it's Made

The rings start their life as the artist’s inspiration, found in her mind and soul. Once the block is cut, the hand work begins. Rings acquire their form as a result of exploring emotional landscapes, playing with the forms, words, thoughts, body. They are sanded, glued, felted, and detailed - all by hand.

An artist trying to be fully present in the moment of creation reflects her conflicts, struggles, questions; questions about herself, the world, social condition, physical impacts, history. Each ring should be regarded as documenting that creative journey through unfiltered social emotional and environmental lands. The unprocessed and raw nature of the materials and the unique forms and shapes - just as human being themselves - help to reflect the synergy of nature and human beings, allowing to create beautiful pieces of art. Wearing this jewelry adds a crucial element of the creation process - the introduction of emotion, nature and creativity into our world of human relations. Their introduction sparks a new process - that of initiating change, putting words and ideas into flesh and allowing to connect our awareness with the transcendent nature.

The Artist

Anna Kowalska is the mind and body (and soul) behind Walska. As designer and sculptor, she expresses her innate passion and emotions through the textures, woods, stones and shapes. Each of her items carries with it a particular thought, a distinct sentiment, a natural feeling.

The materials for each ring are carefully selected to enunciate her dedication to authenticity. The colours, fabrics and their connection reflecting on a particular energy and message Anna wishes to represent. Reliance on natural methods of preparation and conservation of the wood a testament to the natural. The strong lines and shapes characteristic to Walska pieces are proof of the sculptor’s inner strength and dedication.

But most important of all, every item is a unique representation of style, femininity and uniqueness which all resound deeply in Anna’s soul. With each piece comes a share of the story hiding behind Anna’s raw character.